Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Imaginary Baseball Gene

There is a gene in the human body's DNA. It is a baseball gene. Not everyone has it. In fact, some would lead you to believe that only those of a certain gender are able to possess this gene.


Men have a special gene. They are automatically superior in their baseball knowledge. Their opinions are immediately more valid than anyone else's. Because they are men. And they have the gene.


Yes, I've touched on this subject before. It's a topic that I care deeply about and something I will continue to talk about for as long as I have the ability to type, write and speak.

Me with a couple of ladies who know their stuff.
For my Ethical Issues in Media class, I decided to do my topic on sexism in sports journalism. Women have come a long way since the days of Mary Garber, and progress continues to be made every day. That doesn't necessarily mean everything is perfect. Women are still disrespected. Our opinions are still met with criticism. Whether it's in the comments section on an article or in the wonderful world of Twitter, there are still men (and even some women) who see through sexist eyes.

Over the last year, I've gained a lot of Twitter followers. I tweet about baseball nonstop, as well as other sports too. That's where my following came from. I have some great people who follow me. They ask me questions relating to baseball. They link me to news topics.

But then I have those who act condescendingly toward me. Those who, just because they disagree, use the fact that I'm a woman to attack me. What does my gender have anything to do with my knowledge and love of baseball? I will forever be baffled by this. You cannot give me a valid reason or explanation as to why my gender plays any role in what I have to say.

Also, I'm not trying to impress you. I'm not flirting with you. If I want to talk baseball with you, it's because I want to talk about baseball. Don't be surprised when I can debate statistics with you. Don't think that I'm doing it to win you over. It's about baseball. Respect the game and respect me, and we'll get along just fine.

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  1. Nice article, and unfortunately there are some out there who just can't accept certain facts. I've been blogging on the MLBlogs network for the last few years, and there are many female blogger who are very knowledgable, insightfull, and talented. They sometimes blog, also, about the road to respect. All the best.